Our mission is to build better companies – for shareholders, employees, customers and society. We fundamentally believe that this creates most value for all stakeholders in the long run and are therefore strongly committed to promoting sound principles for protection of the environment, social responsibility and proper corporate governance in the execution of our ownership.

Equip Capital is signatory of PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) as instituted by the United Nations and a supporter of the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) recommendations. Equip Capital also actively supports the goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

Equip Capital strives to be the best owner for companies. We commit to raise ESG standards during our ownership period, but also to bring the ESG perspective into our investment analysis and decision-making processes. Our portfolio companies all serve as examples of how we work on ESG. Equip Capital currently manages two ESG funds in addition to a feeder fund (Article 8 according to SFDR), please see our SFDR disclosures below.

As part of our ESG agenda, Equip Capital is committed to prevent actual or potential adverse impacts on human rights and decent working conditions across our operations. Equip Capital seeks to only engage with suppliers and business partners that commit to high standards on human rights and working conditions, and expects al its counterparties to conduct their business operations in accordance with internationally recognised principles for responsible business conduct.

Read how we implement our ESG agenda internally and in each portfolio company in our annual ESG reports:

Makeup Mekka

Makeup Mekka sells 100% cruelty free makeup (no animal testing) and aims to increase its share of vegan products from today’s 90% to 100%. Makeup Mekka avoids excessive packaging and keeps the use of plastics to a minimum. Together with Equip, Makeup Mekka will work continuously to reduce its footprint on the environment and professionalize its supply chain.

Rush trampolinepark

Rush enables people, and especially young people, to be physically active, exercise and improve their health while having fun. This is increasingly important in a world where we spend more and more time in front of digital tools. Visits to Rush are typically close to home and lets families enjoy a great experience together without too much travel. Rush has decided to become climate neutral and improve waste handling as part of Equip’s ESG agenda for the company.

Holy greens

Holy Greens is a company built around organic, locally sourced ingredients and a genuine wish to give people the opportunity to eat healthy in a sustainable way. In cooperation with Equip, Holy Greens will work continuously to limit its environmental footprint throughout the company’s operations as well as making sure Holy Greens is a great place to work for all employees.


Funplays offers physical activity and exercise with positive health effects for children. Visits are great fun and relatively inexpensive, and thereby available regardless of the family’s financial standing. As majority owner, Equip has decided to install LED lighting in all play centers, reduce the amount of plastic consumption, and improve waste handling in the restaurants as part of the company’s ESG plan.

bastard burgers

Sustainability is an integral part of Bastard Burgers’ culture and strategy. The company climate compensates 110% of its CO2 emissions from sold food, offers climate smart vegan alternatives of the whole menu, and supports several charitable initiatives. Bastard Burgers is committed to remain a leader within sustainability, which also includes continued focus on employee satisfaction and development, reducing plastic consumption, and improving waste handling.


Iteam (formerly Mimir) enables a more efficient use of society’s resources by improving IT operations and digitization of processes. Within aquaculture, Iteam helps to increase the world’s supply of food with high protein quality and Omega 3 content. Under Equip’s ownership, Iteam will grow their cloud service offering to further reduce their customers’ environmental footprint through fewer servers and less hardware, and increase its commitment to employee satisfaction and development.



Miles’s vision is to be an outstanding place to work, and is extremely focused on the wellbeing of its employees. Also, the company carbon compensates its carbon emissions, and works actively to limit the environmental impact of its business. As a certified Eco Lighthouse and CO2 neutral company, Miles has short and long term plans, activities, KPIs and monitoring tools to reduce the company’s environmental footprint both locally and globally.



No Dig Alliance is driving an important agenda to improve water and wastewater pipes, as well as a more sustainable construction of new infrastructure. The company is a leader within no-dig technologies, which reduces carbon emissions with up to 90% from traditional digging. Under Equip’s ownership, No Dig Alliance will strive to reduce carbon emissions further, invest in a modern and climate-friendly machine park and educate customers on the benefits of no-dig methods.


Ryde provides high-quality e-scooters, a time efficient and environmentally friendly way of transportation and an attractive alternative to cars or public transport in cities. In cooperation with Equip, Ryde will invest in high quality scooters with increased lifetime, reduce the climate footprint of its operations, focus on safety and reduce the number of accidents as well as professionalize its work on governmental affairs.


Cloud Connection (formerly Økonomibistand) provides leading ERP software and services to more than 2,000 clients. Through appropriate automation and optimization of the client’s ERP system, Cloud Connection improves and simplifies complex processes leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs. Cloud Connection has a great focus on R&D and innovation to always provide the best infrastructure and technological solutions to ensure the highest standard of security and empower their clients to focus on value-creating activities.


Cure aims to be an outstanding place to work and pays close attention to building a great company culture, where employees can flourish and grow. The company promotes strong environmental consciousness amongst its employees, and has short- and long-term plans, activities, KPIs and monitoring tools in place, aiming to minimize the company’s environmental footprint. Also, through its tech-platform and data-driven business model, Cure simplifies processes for its customers, leading to improved efficiency and lower cost. 


Cautus Geo offers solutions that have positive environmental impact through increasing efficiency and productivity, leading to reduced waste and efficient use of resources by e.g. reduced use of concrete in construction projects and measuring drinking water quality in EU. Cautus Geo’s solutions also contribute to a safer society through monitoring and warning of potential hazards, which are often much cheaper and more reliable than physically securing an area and with much less impact on the environment. 


Mountain Village encourages people of all ages to go outside, be physically active, and improve their health in a social setting. Disc golf is a highly inclusive and accessible sport, it can be played almost anywhere, has a very low cost to play, and sets no requirements on physical ability for players. In a world where more and more time is spent inside and captured by digital tools, access to cheap, accessible, and fun ways of being active is becoming increasingly important. Continuing to promote the sport and searching for more sustainable production processes is a core part of Equip’s ESG agenda for Mountain Village. 


Remagruppens services offer a strong sustainability profile. Firstly, the company offers lifetime prolonging maintenance services to the property sector, thereby reducing the need for new build and construction. Secondly, the Company provides speciality cleaning solutions which include removing and handling of environmentally harmful chemicals such as PCB and Asbestos. Under Equip’s ownership, Remagruppen will strive to make ESG an integral part of the business, promoting climate friendly maintenance of properties and safety in operations.





Environmental, social, and governance factors are central to Stenbolaget’s business approach, reflecting its commitment to responsible and sustainable growth. Equip’s ESG due diligence assessment particularly emphasises the social factors at the Company’s production facility in Turkey, enabling Stenbolaget to exert a higher degree of control over its value chain than competitors, ensuring the implementation and maintenance of strong ESG standards throughout its operations.

Sustainability-related disclosures

Equip Capital Fund I LP, Equip Capital Fund II SCSp and Equip Capital Fund II Feeder AS promote environmental and social characteristics as defined in Article 8 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (“SFDR”). The Website Disclosure in accordance with Article 10 of SFDR for financial products referred to in Article 8 for Equip Capital Fund I LP can be read here and the Website Disclosure in accordance with Article 10 of SFDR for financial products referred to in Article 8 for Equip Capital Fund II SCSp and Equip Capital Fund II Feeder AS can be read here.

In accordance with Articles 3, 4 and 5 of the SFDR,  the disclosures related to the Sustainability risk in investment decisions is provided here,  the Statement on principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors is provided here and the Remuneration Policy of Equip Capital AS, the alternative investment fund manager of Equip Capital Fund I LP, Equip Capital Fund II SCSp and Equip Capital Fund II Feeder AS, is provided here